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Andaman And Nicobar

Financial Year 2018-19

4 INR 4,308,900 (Actuals) 0out of 3
Total Number of Companies that have Spent on CSR Total CSR Expenditure by Companies No. of Districts where CSR Projects/Program's Undertaken by Companies
S.No. Development Sector Amount Spent
(INR Lakh)
1Rural development projects15.00
2Socio-economic inequalities14.00
3Environmental sustainability10.00
Development Sectors Amount (INR Lakh)
1Environment, Animal Welfare, Conservation Of Resources14.09
    Conservation of natural resources4.09
    Environmental sustainability10.00
2Gender Equality , Women Empowerment , Old Age Homes , Reducing Inequalities14.00
    Socio-economic inequalities14.00
3Rural Development15.00
    Rural development projects15.00
Grand Total (INR Lakh) 43.09
S.No. Districts Amount Spent(INR Lakh)
1NEC/ Not mentioned43.09
Grand Total 43.09

Total Amount Spent